Trésors de Malte
About us

About us

Where do we come from ?

In the last years, we’ve been creating holidays for both corporate and institutional clients and specialized in upscale services management in Malta. We deliver top tailored solutions to support their business and private lives. 

During all these years, we’ve met and selected the right partners and suppliers. We’ve expanded our network and address book so we can match your needs even with the tightest deadline. Trésors de Malte does not belive in ready-made !

Emotion, creation, authenticity…

How do we work ?

First we take the time to listen to you, identify your needs and understand what your expectations are, then we send you a first original customized proposal along with an estimated budget. This first proposal help us to start working concretely on the project, we will then make changes, make other suggestions according to your feedback or even sharpen requirements with you.

Once we’ve received your approval, we’re available to adjust and modify the project anytime. We stay in touch with you all along the way and monitor the project personaly. Your satisfaction is what we’re aiming for constantly and therefore bring a special attention to the tiniest detail.

The Team